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Alignment services

Machine Tool Alignment

Machine tools have a build report which states the alignment tolerance that must be achieved during the build process and the actual tolerance when the machine tool was manufactured.   This build report should be the reference for checking the accuracy of the linear and / or rotary movements upon installation and at regular maintenance intervals.   During the build process, the geometric accuracy of the axes movements is established before the positioning accuracy is measured and compensated (see calibration).

CNC Productivity field service engineer, Jim Fleig, participated in the manufacturing process at two cnc machine tool manufacturers and uses the same process for customers to insure the accuracy of the machine tools in their shops.   CNC Productivity has the ability to adjust level to .00024 in / ft and adjust square to .00015 in / ft with a precision level and cylinder square.   CNC Productivity can also provide linear and perpendicular laser alignment over distances up to 33 feet.

After a machine tool is properly aligned, CNC Productivity can laser calibrate the positioning accuracy (please review our laser services under calibration).

Lathe & mill leveling and alignment examples

large machines

Project: Achieve closest performance tolerances possible on large, used engine lathe which had been moved
Customer: GL&V Sandy Hill Inc.    Hudson Falls, NY
Mfr. / Model: Gurutzpe model 10000 / 800 (32 ft 9 in / 31 in)

After rigging onto a flatbed, transportation and rigging into the destination facility, the frame of lathe was twisted.   The lathe sat for a few months so the frame got "set" in the twisted position.   CNC Productivity was contracted to level and align the lathe.

Resolution: CNC Productivity used the building supports, ratcheting comealongs, chains, slings, and innovation to straighten the frame much like a car frame might be straightened after an accident.
With the frame straightened, the bed was leveled to within .0005 in / ft over the entire length.
The carriage was leveled to within .0007 in / ft as it traveled the entire 32 ft 9 in length.
The travel of the carriage was aligned with the laser to within + / - .001 in over 25 ft.   The customer instructed that was sufficient for their use of this lathe because their work would fit within that distance or be shorter.
Project: Reduce setup time by correcting level and alignment so parts would not have to be shimmed before machining
Customer: GL&V Sandy Hill Inc.    Hudson Falls, NY
Mfr. / Model: Giddings and Lewis    Model PC-50 450

Setup and machining was hampered by a crown in the table.   Parts would rock on the crown, requiring the operator to shim each one before machining.

Resolution: Leveled table travel in X and Z to within .0005 in / ft to .001 in / ft over entire travel (approximately 8 ft travel in X and 3 1/2 ft travel in Z).
Four outriggers (two on each side of the main frame) were involved in the leveling process.
Y travel (column) square to X and  Z  .0002 in / ft using customer's large cylinder square (2 ft of reference surface).

Y travel (column) square to X and Z .0002 in / ft using customer's large cylinder square.

After alignment completed machinists operating this mill were very happy because the shimming was eliminated.
Part production increased because setup time was minimized.

Medium to small machines

Project: CNC lathe
Customer: Industrial Machine Design LLC     New Wilmington, PA
Mfr. / Model: Takisawa TS25 (cnc slant bed lathe)

Project: CNC lathe
Customer: Halstead Machine     Newark, NY
Mfr. / Model: Mori Seiki CL-25B (cnc slant bed lathe)

Project: CNC mills
Customer: Bennett Tool & Die     Horseheads, NY
Mfr. / Model: Kasuga Quantum Q1000 and Q1250VS (both bed mills)

Project: CNC mills
Customer: North Country Tech Corp.     Turin, NY
Mfr. / Model: Hurco BMC20 (cnc bed mill) & Hurco KM3P (cnc knee mill)



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