DNC wired and extremeDNC wireless control installation

DNC Wireless Networks

DNC wireless communication systems

CNC Productivity installs and services wireless network systems to provide a two way communication link from a company's engineering or programming department to the machines on the shop floor.   While principally used to transfer programs to cut parts with cnc machines, the network can be used to transfer any information that will be helpful to the company's production planning or monitoring needs.

CNC Productivity has installed DNC systems for the following customers:

Company Quantity System
Aero Molding & Manufacturing Ridgefield, NJ 23 machines wireless
Alton Manufacturing Inc.   Rochester, NY 22 machines wired*
Betts Industries Inc. Warren, PA 17 machines wireless
Cutler Hammer   Elmira, NY 30 machines wireless
Delphi Automotive   Rochester, NY 13 machines wireless
GW Lisk   Clifton Springs, NY  31 machines wired*
Pegasus Triumph Middletown, CT 4 machines wireless
Westinghouse Nuclear Operations Newington, NH 15 machines wireless

* pre wireless availability


The above installations involved the following CNC control types:

Anilam Autocon DynaPath Fagor Fanuc
Haas Mazak  Siemens  Yasnac

BTR's (Behind the Tape Readers) can be provided for older control types and included in the dnc system.

CNC Productivity looks forward to installing a DNC wireless (or wired) system for your shop to improve communication reliability and reduce communication costs.


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