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Machine tool maintenance success stories

Halstead Machine (Newark, NY)

Halstead Machine (Newark, NY) was experiencing problems with one of its CNC slant bed lathes.   Consideration was given to trading the lathe in on a different machine. Jim Fleig (CNC Productivity field service engineer) encouraged Craig Halstead (owner, Halstead Machine) to purchase several days of service to investigate the problems on the lathe and determine the cost of repair.   If the service days were not used up on the lathe, then they could be used on any of the other equipment in the shop.   The service days were purchased. The lathe was inspected, several minor problems were determined, Craig choose to have the problems repaired and the lathe has been running well since (repairs completed 4/26/2000).   This investigative (preventative) maintenance was an upfront expense for Halstead Machine.   However, the cost of this maintenance and repair was far less than the costs that would have been incurred if the machine had been traded and there had been a balance owed on a replacement machine.

Emergency repair vs preventative maintenance

CNC Productivity has on several occasions provided emergency repair service to its customers for issues that CNC Productivity predicted to fail or could have predicted to fail by inspecting the machine.   Although CNC Productivity realizes the maximum amount of income in the least amount of time performing emergency service calls, CNC Productivity would rather be doing preventative maintenance.

To facilitate a preventative maintenance program for its customers, CNC Productivity offers discounts on its service rates when 3 or more days of service are scheduled.   Please review the service rates page for more details.   CNC Productivity can provide machine tool certification reports and regular maintenance for machine tools to insure compliance with the ISO quality standards established in your shop.

CNC Productivity has 14 years experience with CNC machine tools, both mills and lathes.   This experience combined with extensive tooling (see alignment and calibration) enable CNC Productivity to inspect, repair as needed and predict the reliability of the machine tool being serviced.

CNC Productivity preventative maintenance goals

Laser calibration

CNC Productivity can measure and compensate for linear , pitch, yaw and perpendicular error.   As soon as customer demand makes it possible, CNC Productivity will increase its capabilities by purchasing the 4th axis inspection accessory to its laser equipment.   If your shop needs positioning certification of its 4th axes, please contact CNC Productivity.

Vibration analysis

CNC Productivity presently has extensive tooling to inspect and adjust equipment. As soon as customer demand makes it possible, CNC Productivity will increase its capabilities by purchasing vibration analysis equipment.   Jim Fleig (CNC Productivity field service engineer) did vibration analysis while working at Makino. Jim Fleig has done emergency spindle rebuilds for customers.   These failures could have been predicted, the repairs planned and the disruption to production minimized.   Vibration analysis can also provide information on the condition of other moving parts in the machine besides the spindle.   CNC Productivity looks forward to receiving vibration analysis requests from a group of customers that will justify the investment in this equipment.



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