cnc machine tool setup and operation training

Training services

CNC Productivity field service engineer, Jim Fleig, provided operation and programming training for the machines he installed while working at Hurco and Makino.   Training has been provided for the customers who have purchased machines or retrofits from CNC Productivity.   Previous experience as an Industrial Engineer working with World Class Manufacturing principles enables Jim Fleig to make efficiency improvement suggestions to its customers.

Training has involved the following control manufacturers:

Autocon Centroid Dynapath Fagor
Fanuc Haas Hurco Yaskawa

Training is also provided for:

  • communication systems (dnc (wireless))
  • RS232 / dnc / drip feed / network program transfers
  • retrofit accessories (retrofits)
  • 4th axis
  • part probing
  • tool probing

Part programming / part setup / part cycle machine operation

CNC Productivity has programmed parts (on lathes and mills), setup the fixture or vise, run the initial cycle and then trained an operator to run the machine and inspect the parts.   The operator was taught the expected safety, quality and quantity standards.   CNC Productivity has worked with ergonomic principles and incorporates them into the part handling process.   The application of ergonomic principles protects the operators physical safety and generally makes the job easier and therefore faster.

CNC machinery maintenance and repair

CNC Productivity has trained company personnel to maintain and repair their equipment.   CNC Productivity can work with company personnel to insure all equipment is working to manufacturers specifications and develop a preventative maintenance program to keep the equipment operating correctly.


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